miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

Vaya rasca!

Pelo : :CHEVEUX:M093Hair Blacks (MOM) New!

Orejeras : PBM Mens [Ear Warmers] [Hint: In rural Germany, beer glasses can actually have this shape] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Bufanda : N-Uno - Vincent Scarf // N 2 (MOM) New!

Chaqueta : N-Uno - Vincent Jacket // N 4 (MOM) New!

Jersey : N-Uno - Vincent Top // N 6 (MOM) New!

Pantalón : N-Uno - Vincent Pants // N 3 (MOM) New!

Calcetines : ..::ILLI::.. Adapter Socks Formal Pack deluxe marketplace New!

Zapatos : ..::ILLI::.. Myles Formal Shoes - deluxe marketplace

Tatuaje : .Facade. :: Versus (MOM) New!

Escenario (+ pose de arriba) : *CS* K9 Winter [Hint: If you want to find your prize, you should go up to Route 66] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Raras veces matan los ladridos

Ojos : Le Poppycock *White Walker Eye* [Hint: Dude, it's a pop party!] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Barba (Vello facial) : .Facade. :: Winter Is Coming [Hint: Lay your weary head to rest...] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Chaqueta : [ Excellence ] Jacket_Stesha_BlueL (The Crossroads) New!

Camiseta : [ Excellence ] T-shert_Steha_Moscow (The Crossroads) New!

Pantalón : [ Excellence ] Jeans_Moscow_Blue1 (The Crossroads) New!

Botas : AG. Winter Camo Boot [Hint: I'm hanging out with my friend Giraffe :)] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Tatuaje : .Inhale. Hologram -Tattoo- (Bodyfy) New!

Poses : XXY - Waiting fall 3 [Hint: After a tango, i will marry you] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Fue de chepa

Gafas : [Z O O M] Grinn Glasses (MOM) New!

Camisa : N-Uno - Leon Shirt // N-6 // (MOM) New!

Camiseta : N-Uno - Leon Top // N-3 // (MOM) New!

Pantalón : N-Uno - Leon Pants // N-1 // (MOM) New!

Zapatillas : ..::ILLI::.. Sergio Sneakers marketplace

Anillo : !NFINITY Lizard Ring (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : 7-**UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Black (The Nightmare Event) Gacha New!

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016


Ojos : MESANGE - Alaska Eyes Pack [Hint: Under the sun] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Barba (Vello facial) : VYC - Beard Style [HD] - Fate [Hint: Pitch Black] (MOH8) FREE HUNT


Chaqueta : OUTLIER.// Denim Open Shirt_LTBlue (MOM) New!

Pantalón : OUTLIER.// Moto Biker Chinos_BLUE- (MOM) New!

Zapatos : A&D Shoes -Stuttgart-  FatPack (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : .Inhale. Creeper -Tattoo- (Shiny Shabby) New!

Slip : No. CANDY Underwear Group Gift

Poses : grafica ~ tanau [Hint: Let's face the music and dance] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016

Va por ti, Moisés

Cabeza : No. Head GAEL (MOM) New!

Base de pelo : [Urbanix] HUD Gael Hairbase OMEGA (MOM) New!

Cejas : [Urbanix] NO! HUD  OMEGA Gael Eyebrows (MOM) New!

Barba (Vello facial) : [Urbanix] NO! HUD  OMEGA Gael Beard Style (MOM) New!

Set de joyería (Pendientes, colgante, pulseras) : ELYSIUM- Dolphin set [Hint: I drink my beer in a corner to the left] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Camisa : [LOB] PRINC SHIRT (PACK) (One Little Light Event) New!

Pantalón : Legal Insanity - Logan pants FATPACK (MOM) New!

Zapatos : ..::ILLI::.. Lawrence Loafers - deluxe marketplace New!

Tatuaje : -Endless Pain Tattoos-Dont cry [Hint: Throne] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

Pose (con coche / arriba) : ~Reel Poses - On My Way . [Hint: Loverboy] (MOH8) FREE HUNT

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

De momento

Pelo : { Speakeasy } Nick hair

Outfit (Sudadera + pantalón) : .:PARKER:. - John - FATPACK (MOM) New!

Zapatillas : [VALE KOER] THE VASIFORMS Group Gift

Tatuaje : DAPPA - Burial Tattoo. (MOM) New!

Poses : SKBIO for MOM (MOM) New!

domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

Mutuo acuerdo

Chaqueta : [ Excellence ] Jacket_NewYork_Black (The Crossroads) New!

Pantalón : [ ExcellencE ] Chert_Hepy_White (Shiny Shabby) New!

Cinturón : [ ExcellencE ] Belt_Hepy_Black (Shiny Shabby) New!

Zapatillas : ..::ILLI::.. Sergio Sneakers (MeshBody Addicts) New!

Tatuaje : .Inhale.  Creeper -Leg Tattoo- marketplace New!

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2016

Eres cuchicheo namá

Base de pelo : Unorthodox Carter 3 Hairbase- Silver & Noir (TMD) New!

Cejas : Unorthodox Drake Eyebrow v4 (TMD) New!

Barba (Vello facial) : Unorthodox Superb Facial HairOMEGA Applier (Hairology) New!

Camiseta : INVICTUS - Tank top - White (MOM) New!

Pantalón : INVICTUS - Shorts  - DARK BLUE (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : TattooMania Change (MOM) New!

Pose + escenario (abajo) : *CS* Smile My Friend (MOM) New!